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10 Things I'd Like My Readers To Know About Me By Keris Stainton
July 5, 2019

I was born in Canada, but my parents moved back to the UK when I was just four months old. I've always felt slightly short-changed. I feel like Canadian Keris would probably be a lot more together than I am. 

When I was little I had an imaginary friend called Mr Corbett. He was the dad in the original Sooty TV shows. Once I "left" him at the zoo and only realised on the way home. I said we had to go back, but my dad called, "Don't worry! He's running behind the car!" 

I grew up in New Brighton ("opposite Liverpool") and while I haven't lived there for twenty-five years, I still absolutely love to be by the seaside. Sand and salt and fish and chips, whenever I'm fed up I head for the coast. 

My first concert was Bucks Fizz with my sister and our parents. We had front row centre seats, and Cheryl, Mike, Bobby and Jay appearing through dry ice, singing 'Are You Ready?', and wearing the flying suits from the album cover is still one of the most exciting moments of my life. No, seriously. 

I dream about celebrities almost every night and the dreams frequently lead to ongoing crushes (David Mitchell, Harry Styles). I've also had saucy dreams about many celebs I was not really interested in having saucy dreams about (Ed Balls, Mr Burns from The Simpsons). 

You know how I just said the Harry Styles dream led to a "crush"? Massive understatement. I've been in full-blown inappropriate obsession for almost three years now. I have a One Direction cushion. I have a Harry Styles gif for every occasion. And I have seven tickets to his tour. Yes, seven. One of them in New York. 

My favourite film is When Harry Met Sally. I can't tell you how many times I've seen it and I think about it - and probably quote it - pretty much every single day. "You're right, you're right, I know you're right." "I knew the way you know about a good melon." "You made a woman meow?" 

I always thought New York was my favourite city, but then I went to Los Angeles (for book research) and fell in love. We lounged on the Central Perk sofa on a studio tour, bumped into Mr Fitz from Pretty Little Liars on Hollywood Boulevard, spotted a dolphin leaping a wave at sunset, and drank many margaritas. We were only there for three days.  

I love the International Space Station. I cannot believe I can stand at my front door and watch it go sailing by. I mean, how cool is that?! 

I first started trying to write an adult novel in 1997 (which apparently is twenty years ago - can you believe?!). I never actually finished that one (but I've got it on a floppy disc somewhere) so even though I've been lucky enough to have quite a few novels for young adults and children published, I'm beyond excited to finally have an adult novel out in the world. 

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